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How Our Commission Work

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Join the Club Vivanet family of Global Entrepreneurs

If you know people who need the products, advise them of this lower priced service.

Every time they make use of our service, you earn income.

When they join Club Vivanet and tell others about this service, you will also earn income on all of their customers, and this includes customers anywhere in the world.

You can tell others how they can make money selling our products, and you will make a commission every time one of their customers buys or use our products and services.

Those new people can also get people to do same and you make commission on all of them also.

You will make residual income every month on services sold  anywhere in your 5 levels you or your new agents have sold.

You will be amazed at how quickly the commissions can build with this program. The way it works is that you, example the IGC will earn 10% on all the calling services you sell or have recharged every month. You will also earn 2 % on all calling service the people in your down line sell through 5 qualified levels.