CONNECT TO WITH SKYPE !!! announces a breakthrough capability that combines the powerful and easy way to use service to connect to your lower cost, higher quality account. Try it now and use Skype to connect to


1. Add our Skype ID "skype2ezvia" in your Skype contacts.

Add Me to Skype




 2. Go to your Skype application window. Click on Contacts. Select the "skype2ezvia" contact. Right Click on "skype2ezvia" then select "CALL".





 3. You will hear a prompt from to enter your PIN. In Skype Call menu, you have to click on the show Dialpad and then it will display the dial pad. Enter your PIN followed by the # key.















 4. Enter your destination number followed by the # key. To call North America and Caribbean: Dial 1 + area code + phone number + #. All other countries: Dial 011 + country code + phone number+#.

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